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Thermostat Repair in Longview, TX

The Thermostat is an HVAC System’s Brain

Your thermostat does all the thinking for your HVAC system. It checks temperatures, it cycles your system–they can even be programmed.

The right thermostat, when it functions properly, can save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs.

Unfortunately, the signs of a malfunctioning thermostat are subtle. This makes it difficult for homeowners to know if their HVAC system is functioning at peak efficiency.

If you think your thermostat may be malfunctioning, contact the Longview AC repair technicians at TDI Air to schedule a house call.

We’ll check your AC system out and offer you the right solutions for your budget.

 Signs Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Your HVAC Won’t Shut Off

Your thermostat is responsible for sending signals to the HVAC system that turn it on or off, depending on how it reads your home’s temperature. If your HVAC isn’t shutting off or turning on, you may have a thermostat problem.

Your Thermostat is Unresponsive

If you raise or lower your temperature at the thermostat and your AC system doesn’t respond after a few moments, there may be a significant problem with your thermostat. Try changing the batteries, and if that doesn’t work, call the AC repair techs at TDI Air.

You Have Hot & Cold Spots

A number of malfunctioning systems can cause hot & cold spots in your home, including a malfunctioning thermostat. If you notice that some rooms are warm and other cold, your thermostat may be malfunctioning or poorly placed.

The Interface is Broken

Thermostats are pretty complicated devices, especially “smart” thermostats. If your interface is broken or if you have buttons that no longer function, it’s probably a good idea to schedule time to replace your thermostat.

It Reads Incorrect Temperatures

Your thermostat should accurately read the ambient temperature in your home. It’s difficult to tell if it’s not, though. If your room feels significantly warmer or cooler than the displayed temperature, an AC repair technician can help you diagnose the problem.

Your System is Short Cycling

If your HVAC system is turning off and on frequently, that’s called short cycling. Short cycling can lead to astronomically high energy bills. There are a number of reasons your system may be short-cycling, and an AC repair tech can determine if your thermostat is at fault.

Thermostat Maintenance Tips


Test Your Temperature

Once a year, check to make sure your thermostat is reading the correct ambient temperature. Use an accurate thermometer, or contact TDI Air for an HVAC maintenance call.


Change Your Batteries

Most thermostats are battery-operated, so change the batteries at least once a year. If your thermostat looks like it’s dead, always try changing the batteries. If that doesn’t work, give us a call.


Turn the AC Up, Then Down

To determine how well your thermostat responds, turn the temperature up and then down. If your thermostat struggles to change temperatures, it may be time to look into replacement.



Your thermostat is connected to the rest of your HVAC system, so having an AC technician check those connections. Schedule HVAC maintenance with TDI Air to get your whole HVAC system checked.

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