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AC Condenser Unit Repair in Longview, TX

Your Compressor/Condenser Unit is the MVP of Your HVAC System

You know your condenser/compressor unit. It’s the part of your central heating system outside next to your house.

It’s a vital part of your air conditioning/heating system, and when it malfunctions, you expect both your home to get uncomfortable quickly.

If your compressor/condenser isn’t working properly–or it’s making a funny noise–give the experienced AC repair technician at TDI air a call to schedule an appointment.

Signs Your Condenser/Compressor is Malfunctioning

Your HVAC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Together, your condenser and compressor are responsible for removing hot air from your home, cooling it, and then pushing it back into your home. If your AC is blowing hot, you likely have a problem with your condenser or compressor.

Your AC Unit is Less Efficient

If your outdoor unit is underperforming, your HVAC system will struggle to cool your home. This will force the system to run longer and harder, decreasing its overall energy efficiency and skyrocketing your energy bills. 

Your Outdoor Unit is Making Noise

Your condenser/compressor unit includes large and high-powered fans that help convert coolant from liquid to gas (and vice versa). If that fan is malfunctioning, you’ll likely hear it outside and feel it inside your home.

You Have Less Airflow

Your compressor unit pushes air to the air handler unit inside your home. If you’re experiencing airflow problems, it could be your compressor malfunctioning–among a host of other potential problems.

Your Outdoor Unit is Leaking

It can be difficult to detect coolant links, but if you notice puddles and pools around your outdoor unit, you should contact a Longview, TX, HVAC repair technician to schedule a service call to repair your leaks and keep your HVAC system cooling properly.

Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Condenser Unit


Keep it Clean

Your condenser unit is outdoors, which means that it’s subject to the whims of Mother Nature. This can potentially impede your condenser’s performance. They make purpose built spray and rinse cleaners to keep it performing its best.


Clear the Area

If you have bushes or tall grass near your outdoor unit, you’ll want to keep it trimmed back. It’s possible that limbs, vines, and other vegetation impede the unit’s performance or–even worse–begin growing on the housing.


Check for Leaks

Once every few months, you should check around your outdoor unit to see if there are any leaks. Even a slow leak can dramatically decrease your HVAC system’s performance and skyrocket your energy bills.


Yearly Maintenance

Having an experienced HVAC technician perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system each year can dramatically improve performance and increase your system’s lifespan. Contact TDI Air today to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit.

Problem with Your HVAC Condenser? Contact TDI Air for AC Repair in Longview, TX

With over 60 years of experience, East Texans trust us with all of their HVAC repair needs–no matter when they happen.

If you think your compressor/condenser unit is malfunctioning, contact TDI Air to schedule an AC repair call.


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