WHAT IS SEER? SEER (Seasonal Efficiency Ratio) is the approximate efficiency of an air conditioning unit over a given season in a given climate. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient a unit is, lowering its operating cost. After January 1, 2006, the minimum SEER rating of all residential units manufactured is 13. IS A BIGGER UNIT BETTER? NO! A unit that has an excessively large capacity will increase your energy consumption and create excessive humidity in your home or business. This could result in discomfort, mold, and mildew problems. ANNUAL SAVINGS For cooling your home based on the efficiency of a matched system. *13 SEER is the minimum efficiency established by the Department of Energy. Potential energy savings may vary depending on your personal lifestyle, system settings and usage, equipment maintenance, local climate, actual construction, and installation of equipment and duct system.