Why You Need To Update Your Thermostat

If you’re still using a traditional thermostat, you may still be manually adjusting it between its heating and cooling modes. That can be a real hassle especially during the autumn and spring seasons. Having to switch through different temperatures all throughout the day and through the night with a traditional thermostat is not very efficient.

Yes, it may be time to upgrade your thermostat. Smart thermostats can now track system run time and reminds you to change filters when you should. It can also program fans and balances temperature and humidity all at the same time.

Interested? Below are a few more benefits that you will get from upgrading your thermostat. These will help determine if it is time for you to upgrade your thermostat.


Control Your Energy Usage

Because of the information that it provides from its remote interface, which can also be done on your mobile device, taking control of your energy usage is now possible. You can immediately see the results of the functions that you set. It will even provide you reports that let you see patterns in your usage, which in turn will allow you to make necessary adjustments.

It even adapts to your daily routine. You can tweak the settings anywhere from your mobile device. There are also sensors that will let the system determine whether the house is occupied or not.


Consistent Temperatures

What’s great about digital thermostats is that it can maintain consistent temperatures all throughout your home. Cranking your air conditioning to higher levels for example, especially during the summer, is not good for your system. These types of thermostats run at constant levels. The same goes for the winter season. A programmed temperature can make your family feel more comfortable whatever the season.

Moreover, you only have to deal with less adjustments. Setting a specific schedule one time for each season is possible with a programmable thermostat. You don’t have to worry about it anymore once the season changes. With manual thermostats this isn’t something that you can do. You will have to keep adjusting the temperatures every time you get out of the house.



This is the most obvious benefit. Your energy usage can be reduced significantly. A smart thermostat will allow you to make your HVAC system function better. Being able to create a schedule for you and everyone who lives inside your home can make your system work based on your family’s routine. The most important thing is that when there is no need for the system to work hard, it does not have to. This will definitely help with your energy costs.


For all of us who are looking to save money on our utility bills, digital and programmable thermostats are definitely the answer. While it is true that it can be more expensive to buy a programmable thermostat, it cannot be denied that it is the more practical way in the long run. The technology that these thermostats use only helps you with your energy costs. It also makes your family’s life more comfortable especially during the harshest seasons of the year. Ask TDI about upgrading your thermostat. Give us a call at (903) 597-8381.