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Hello, and welcome to our new blog! We hope that you find the information that we post here helpful and informative as we bring you tips and articles related to heating and air conditioning in East Texas. Our first entry will be a tip on getting the right air conditioning unit that will give you the best energy efficiency for your home or business in Longview, TX.

When thinking about buying a new air conditioning unit for your Longview, TX home or business, one of the first things we look at is something called the SEER of an air conditioning unit. Not sure what a SEER is? SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Efficiency Ratio. It is the approximate efficiency of an air conditioning unit over a given season in a given climate. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient an air conditioning unit is, lowering its operating cost. After January 1, 2006, the minimum SEER rating of all residential units manufactured is 13.

This may lead you to think that the bigger the air conditioning unit, the more energy efficient it is. Not so. An air conditioning unit that has an excessively large capacity will increase your energy consumption and create excessive humidity in your home or business. This could result in discomfort, mold, and mildew problems, which are common with the summer humidity in Longview, TX. So, just because you have a large air conditioning unit, does not mean that you are getting more energy efficiency. It is important to look at the SEER on any air conditioning unit you are considering.

Not only is it important to get the right air conditioning unit with a good SEER for comfort and efficiency, but you must also consider the cost savings. This graphic illustrates the annual cost savings for cooling your home based on the efficiency of a matched system.

*13 SEER is the minimum efficiency established by the Department of Energy. Potential energy savings may vary depending on your personal lifestyle, system settings and usage, equipment maintenance, local climate, actual construction, and installation of equipment and duct system.

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