Ways To Keep Your Home Warm For Less

Most of us enjoy a nice Texas fall as the temperatures start to lower and it becomes the perfect weather for tailgating at a football game or spending a little time around town on the weekends. But as we all know after a couple of months fall can quickly blow on by and the threat of chilling temperatures can be bearing down on your home.

While you should have your heating and air conditioning system serviced before winter true comes, there are some great ways to make sure your home is maximizing the heat this winter. Because while we all want to know how to keep our energy bills as low as possible when the AC is necessary all summer long, shouldn’t having a lower energy bill during the winter be important too?

Using tin foil

A simple way to avoid unnecessary loss of heat from radiators, mostly on the ones close to outer walls, is by using aluminium foil for heat reflection behind the radiator. This stops heat fading by reflecting it back into the room. Those fogged up windows might be fun to play with, but they are a sign that the warm air inside your home is being directly combated by cold air on the other side of that glass.

Foil that is specifically intended for this purpose can be bought at quite a reasonable price. Good quality kitchen foil can also be used, although it’s usually not as effective.

Thick curtains

Changing the curtains around your residence is yet another effective way to defend the heat from being released through windows or glass doors. Curtains with thermal linings are a comparatively economical option.

Utilize Sunlight

When it is possible, try to use as much free and natural heat as possible. Curtains and window shades can be left open during daytime if it is warmer. While this is not helpful if the temperature outside is still below freezing, direct sunlight on mild days should be taken advantage of. Just Remember to close the curtains after the sun has set to preserve the heat in your house.

Clearing of radiators

Try to avoid the placing any furniture in front of radiators if your residence uses this system for internal heating. Any furniture or large items near the radiators will block and absorb the heat rather than letting it spread throughout the room.

Seal Up Air Leaks

Check around your home for possible places where the warm air could be escaping. Leaks can be around windows and doors, so you could caulk those. But also look around the bathrooms, kitchen, and any rooms that have pipes or vents that go through walls. Caulk works best for small gaps or leaks.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your entire house professionally can be very expensive. But the rolls of foam insulation are cheap, and 8in deep foam (three rolls) would be plentiful to give almost all lofts a significant layer of shielding. Mineral wool such as Rock silk or Rockwool, recycled paper, and glass fibre products all can do a great job. But do keep in mind to always wear goggles, a mask, and protective clothing if you want to tackle this job yourself.

If you have not had your HVAC system serviced in preparation for winter or need help finding ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, give TDI Air Conditioning a call today at (903) 597-8381 or schedule an appointment here. Let our friendly professionals make sure your home is ready before the holidays!