Types of Air Conditioners Suitable for Homes

Choosing air conditioners for your home can be a headache. On one hand there are so many great air conditioner types, models, and brands; on the other hand narrowing down and choosing one is a hectic task. In today’s article we are going to discuss the various types of air conditioners and the advantages and disadvantages they offer to help simplify your decision…

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are the most popular form of air conditioners. As a result there are several great models. Many of them have high SEER and MERV ratings. They are also cheaper than other options and are easy to install because all the parts are in one big box. They are perfect for people who are renting homes because all you need is a window, and there’s no need to drill holes.

The biggest disadvantage of window air conditioners is the sound, as the noisiest part of the air conditioner is placed right next to the window, whereas in split and central air conditioners the noisy parts like the compressor can be placed outside of the house.

Split Air Conditioners

The biggest benefit of split air conditioners when compared to window air conditioners is that you can mount them onto any part of the house. You aren’t restricted to placing them in a window.

The only main disadvantage of split air conditioners is that you need to drill a hole in the wall to connect the external unit to the internal unit.

Central Air Conditioners

If you don’t want to purchase split or window air conditioners because of the fact that you need to purchase one for each room, then a central air conditioner is the perfect option for you. One unit can be used to cool an entire house. But remember that your walls and ceiling will require a lot of modifications in order to install the vents and ducts.

These are the three main types of air conditioners that are suitable for homes. Another type of air conditioner that might suit you is the portable variety. These can be carried from room to room, but can only cool small areas. If you’re unsure about what air conditioner will suit you and your home contact TDI Air for a consultation. We can help you out.