Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring cleaning is a must for all areas of the home, particularly your HVAC systems. That's because over the year, your ducts and systems can become clogged with dust and dirt, resulting in lower air quality for your family. That's not all you should be checking in the spring. Take stock of your home's mechanical systems to make sure they're working properly so they can handle the demands of the pending season. From plumbing and electrical to heating and cooling systems, it's wise to go through a springtime check-up so you don't find yourself dealing with excessive energy bills or unnecessary repairs.


Winter can leave behind leaks and cracked pipes, so don't neglect this important component of your home when spring cleaning. Head to the basement or crawlspace to check on your sump pump if you have one. Spring brings heavy rains, which can easily flood those spaces or at least leave accumulating puddles of water. That can lead to rot and decay, mold and structural damage. Your sump pump will remove excess water, so make sure it's working properly, focusing on the float switch. If that's broken, it will fail to trigger the pump when water reaches a certain level.

Next, check out your faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. According to the EPA, fixing simple household water leaks can save you up to 10 percent on your water bill. Then, head outside to check on your gutter system. A clogged gutter can lead to backups, flooding and damage to the gutters themselves. Scoop out any debris such as twigs and leaves that may be obstructing water flow.

Heating and Cooling

Don't neglect your HVAC systems during this time of year: just because they may be out of sight, out of mind, doesn't mean they can't use some TLC! This will extend the life span of your units and ensure they all run smoothly when it counts. It's time to check your furnace and heat pump to shut them down for the winter, and tune-up your AC to face the hot summers ahead. A full AC check is in order by a professional, who can perform a 40-point inspection, including control checks, condenser coil cleaning and pressure measurements. You'll need to replace the filter if you haven't already so a fresh one is ready to go. If you have a reusable filter, wash it in warm, soapy water and replace.

If you have bathroom exhaust fans, now's the time to give them a full cleaning. Remove the covers, wash them in warm soapy water and vacuum dirt from the fan blades with your brush attachment. You could also use a toothbrush for dirt that's caked on. Turn off the power before handling this task.

A full furnace cleaning at the end of the season is important too. If you neglect this, you could be looking at more frequent unnecessary repairs, an inefficient unit or one that leaks carbon monoxide into the home. Again, an HVAC professional can handle this task for you.

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