Six Energy Saving Tips for Spring in Texas

The long cold winter has started to give way and soon comes the sporadic Texas springtime. You can feel the warmth of Texas seeping in, if only for a day or two at a time right now. You probably already feel that warmth and change in temperature inside your home. 
You then face that one question during this spring season, how do I save electricity and money while keeping my home comfortable during the warm spring months? Well, in this article we will teach you how you can do that and also take advantage of this opportunity to check how you did last spring and find some savings along with it.
Below are six effective tips to keep yourself comfortable and cool as the spring season arrives:

Open your windows

This is pretty straight forward. Opening your windows creates a natural breeze that will allow you to cool your home without turning on air conditioners. This is ideal for mild temperatures during spring. It’s also advisable to slightly open your windows mostly during mild nights to flood your home with cool air and closing them before the morning warmth arrives.

Seal any cracks

In addition to opening your windows, cracks let cool air escape which causes hot air to leak in. Find out where the cracks are. You can seal the opening with a paintable caulk to avoid ruining your room’s design. Doing so shaves off about 30% of your energy consumption while increasing the durability of the foundations of your home. And this can be very helpful to do before the serious heat we face during the summer months.

Check water heater temperature

Most of the households during spring may not use their water heater but some still go for a hot shower in the morning and use it for their dishes. It is advisable to drain a quarter of your water heat tank at least once a year to remove debris and harmful sediments that might cost you more money in the future.

Tune up your air conditioner

Why is this on the list? Come on let’s face it, at one point in time in the next few weeks you will be tempted to use your AC. But this tip will tell you how to ensure that your AC is running efficiently, economically, and safely this entire spring. 
First, you need to schedule an inspection and maintenance visit from a certified technician like the friendly professional at TDI Air. With seasonal maintenance and servicing you will be able to know the minor problems before they grow into major expenses down the road.
Second, you need someone to check your refrigerant levels to know if you’re running out of freon, clean your evaporator coils, and to remind you to replace your filters every 4 to 6 weeks during this hot season. Your AC’s energy consumption could drastically improve right away and you will also be sure you have a system that can last you all spring and summer.

Set up your thermostat

Just set it to one moderate temperature and you should avoid distressing temperatures while saving money. You can also set it to a higher temperature when you’re not at home to shave off 10-20% of your energy consumption. A newer programmable thermostat can also help by allowing you to set the system to work less when you do not need it.

Install treatments for your windows

You can install windows shutters, windows blinds, and shades to deflect heat from coming in your home. They not only make your house look good, but they also reduce energy consumption.

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