4 Questions To Ask Your HVAC Pro

You might not be a pro at HVAC concerns, but you should be well-equipped in knowing what to expect from a reliable professional. It can be easy to make the mistake of hiring someone lacking in the expertise and legal qualifications when you don’t know what to look for. These are the top four questions you should ask your technician before deciding to take advantage of their services. They cover the basic information and requirements but essential nonetheless.


Are you licensed and accredited?

HVAC systems are complicated by design. Proper knowledge and training are needed to be able to make sound and safe decisions in installing, maintaining and replacing. These decisions should be aligned in providing every part of your home the suitable temperature. All this has to be done while maintaining your home’s aesthetic value. Ask to see proof that you’re with an HVAC professional who knows their stuff and is operating illegally. For the US, technicians should be accredited under the North American Technician Excellence (NATE). It’s a plus if they’re also under Energy Star which also is responsible for approving energy-efficient appliances.


Do you have insurance?

Working with these systems poses some level of risk, whether it’s hauling heavy equipment, troubleshooting or simply doing regular maintenance. While they’re trained on how to go about these safely, accidents could still take place so it’s best to have this precautionary measure in place. Your HVAC technician should be covered when facing these on-the-job dangers in case anything should happen. Insurance would take care of the cost and ensure that you’re in no way liable in the event.


What maintenance tasks can be done by myself?

There are several routine tasks such as cleaning and replacing filters you can do without requiring professional help. Knowing what these are, how to do them and how often they should be done would save you money on servicing and lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. Who better to teach you than your “friendly, neighborhood” HVAC expert? This would be a good test whether this expert has your best interests regarding the system or is out to get your money.


Can I have a written estimate?

You should be provided with a detailed breakdown of the costs of any work needed on your system, parts that should be replaced and such with their corresponding cost. The technician should be able to give this after a free inspection and before beginning any task. This keeps you from being blindsided with the total amount you’d be spending on their services and others while knowing exactly what you’re paying for.


If you’ve worked with experts in these field before, you might already have an idea of what you want. Don’t hesitate to add to this list of HVAC questions and ask away. For trusted experts who meet these expectations and more, contact TDI Air for a free consultation at (903) 597-8381. Schedule your in-house inspection for an accurate estimate. We’ll even include a list of satisfied clients for your reference.