Mold Prevention Tips from TDI Air Conditioning Repair in Tyler, Texas

The humid subtropical climate of East Texas brings beautiful greenery and plenty of rain, but unfortunately this can create a problem: where there is humidity, there is always a greater possibility of mold. Indoor mold growth can not only cause health problems for your family, but it can also be very expensive to remove, making mold prevention extremely important in this climate. Because humidity is key to mold growth, it might seem logical to keep your home as dry as possible. However, humidity actually plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable home. So, in order to keep your home comfortable but still mold-free, it’s important to find and maintain the proper balance between your indoor dryness and humidity. Follow the tips below to minimize the chance of mold growth in your home:

Humidity Control. Call TDI air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX to find out if your A/C adequately controls humidity in your home. If your A/C unit isn’t doing a good job of humidity control, your risk for mold growth will be higher, especially during the humid summer months.

Don’t Turn off A/C.  When a home’s humidity gets above 70%, that’s when mold begins to grow. When your A/C is running, your humidity will probably be below 70%

However, if you turn off your A/C at night or during your absence (especially for vacations), your home’s humidity will climb above 70%, causing potential mold problems in your A/C system, ducts, and throughout your home.

Clean Ducts. Have your ducts and air vents cleaned regularly. Because mold survives on dirt and dust, clean ducts are a great way to prevent mold.

Test the Air. It’s a good idea to test your air a couple of times per year, to see if your home has a normal level of allergens, and if any mold spores are present. (To help yourself remember to test the air,  have the testing done along with your yearly A/C maintenance from TDI air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX.)

These tips should help your home stay mold-free. But unfortunately, even the best precautions can sometimes be inadequate, so to help protect your family from mold, call TDI air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX. We can make sure that your A/C unit is properly controlling humidity and working as efficiently as possible. And for all your other A/C concerns, we offer 24/7 air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX.

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