How to Quickly Sell Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

Would you like some tips to quickly sell your old air conditioning unit?

One of the most important steps you must take while purchasing a new air conditioning unit is getting rid of the old one. This will make space for the new one, as well as give you a bigger budget for purchasing a better air conditioner.

Here are some tips to quickly sell your old air conditioning unit...

  1. Take good pictures:

The first step is to take a lot of good pictures of your air conditioning unit. If you have a quality camera, use it instead of relying on your cell phone camera.

  1. Write down the description:

After taking the pictures, begin writing down all the specifications of the air conditioning unit. Include details like the SEER rating, ton, color, age and condition. If you have the handbook or the box, refer to make sure you get the details right. After you add all the necessary information write a brief description of the air conditioner.

  1. List it:

Now you can begin uploading all the details on listing sites like Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon. First upload the best photos from the ones you took. Then copy and paste the specifications and the description. After you add all the details, publish your listing.

  1. Promote it:

Your air conditioner will be promoted by the sites you listed it on, but often times that isn’t sufficient. You need to do some promotion yourself by sharing it on your social media accounts. You can even ask your friends to share it for you. Make sure you post links of your air conditioning unit on Facebook groups where people are allowed to do this.

After that it is time to wait for the offers.

  1. Contact a dealer:

Another step you can take is to contact a dealer. Many dealers are always on the lookout for old air conditioners they can fix and sell so they could be highly interested in purchasing yours.

Once you receive all the quotes, you can decide whom to sell it to.

This is how to quickly sell your air conditioning unit. What other steps would you take? Please leave your comments below.