How to Expand the Life of Your AC Unit


How to Expand the Life of Your AC Unit

Do you know how to expand the life of your AC Unit? What steps must you take?

A lot of effort and money goes into buying the perfect AC unit. Hence all of us would like to make sure they last longer. Fortunately it isn’t that hard to expand the life of your AC unit. Just taking a few simple steps in the right direction should take care of it. So here’s a quick guide to maintain an AC unit that will make sure your it lasts for a long period of time...

1. Clean it:

AC units have a tendency to get dirty, both on the outside and the inside as they take in air to cool. So before you begin using them clean them. Begin with the outside, then open them up and finish the rest. Make sure you pay special attention to the AC filter. If it’s clogged replace it or wash it (if you have the washable variety) as a dirty one can cause a complete breakdown of your AC unit.

Get Your AC serviced by an expert AC repairman


2. Get it serviced by an expert AC repairman:

It would be wise to get an AC repairman to regularly service your AC unit. AC repairmen know what to look for while servicing and can fix it before it grows into a huge burden which eventually brings down the entire unit. Just make sure you do your research before choosing one. Make use of recommendations from friends and the internet for this.

3. Cover it up:

When you finish using your AC unit cover it up to protect it from dust, weather and other things that could ruin it. This step will ensure that your AC unit doesn’t suffer when not in use. Don’t just cover it with an old cloth. Look for something sturdier and water resistant so that it does a better job. The quality of the cover can make a massive difference.

To expand the life of your AC unit you need to care for it in a meticulous way. The three steps covered above should make a massive difference. So ensure you put them to use starting today.

What steps do you take to expand the life of your AC unit? Which ones have brought you the best results? We would like to read your comments.

Image Credit: HomeSpotHQ Flickr (1) and Kevin Beck Flickr (2)