How to Clean Your AC Unit

How to Clean Your AC Unit

Are you maintaining your AC unit properly? Would you like learn how to clean your AC unit?

One of the reasons why some AC units need to be repaired frequently is because they aren’t maintained well enough. If you clean your unit at regular intervals it will remain problem free for a long period of time.

Usually the best time to clean your AC unit is at the beginning of summer when you prepare it for use, but if you haven’t performed this important step, then it is time to clean your AC unit now. So use the tips below and ensure that your AC unit is clean and problem free...

1. Turn off the power:

Switch off Your AC Unit Before Cleaning it

Before cleaning the outside or the inside of the AC unit, the first thing you need to do is to shut off the power. AC units consume a massive amount of electricity and you don’t want to receive a shock while cleaning it. You could stay extra safe by disconnecting the wire.

2. Clean the outside:

Your AC unit spends its entire life outside the house and it is bound to get extremely dirty from the outside (especially if don’t cover it when you are not using it) so begin by cleaning the sides and the top.

a) Start by vacuuming the sides of the AC unit.

b) After you are done with the sides vacuum clean the top.

3. Clean the inside:

Once you are sure that the outside of the AC has been cleaned, you can begin cleaning the inside.

a) Start by removing the top of the AC. As soon as you remove the top you will be able to see everything inside and you can clean it.

b) When you remove the top the AC fan which is usually attached to it will also be come out. So give it a good wipe and lubricate it.

c) Replace or wash the filter.

d) Clean the coils and make sure you remove anything that is clogging them. Straighten them if they are bent.

e) Lubricate the motor if it is unsealed.

Following the above steps should help you clean your AC unit which will ensure that it functions smoothly for a long period of time. If you are still unsure how to clean your AC unit or get stuck while cleaning it, call your AC repairman.

What other steps should people follow while cleaning their AC unit? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Susy Morris Flickr (1) and Jacob Joaquin Flickr (2)