Get to Know Your Air Conditioner to Prevent AC Repair in Longview TX

During the summer heat, it’s imperative that your air conditioner does its best, which is why we’ve been discussing various air conditioning maintenance and prevention tips. Another important part of caring for your air conditioner is understanding its different parts and what they do. Today we’ll help you get to know your air conditioner and its components.


Filters. In a central air conditioner, filters are usually located along the return duct’s length. Filters regulate your A/C unit’s air flow. If they become clogged or dirty, your unit’s efficiency goes down dramatically. A clogged or dirty filter can also allow dirt to get into the evaporator coil, impairing its ability to absorb heat. You can lower your A/C energy usage by 5% to 15% just by having a dirty filter replaced with a clean one.
Fins. Fins are those thin aluminum lines that you see on your outdoor condenser coil. They can bend easily, which blocks the coil’s airflow. If you see any bent fins, call TDI for AC repair in Longview TX, and one of our technicians can put them back in place.
Coils. Coils are located on both your indoor unit (the evaporator coil) and your outdoor unit (known as the condenser coil). Indoor coils absorb any heat inside the house, which then turns into a low-temperature gas that helps cool the house. The outdoor condenser coil helps transfer heat outside.

Evaporator Coil. Even though a clean air filter helps prevent the evaporator coil from getting dirty, it will still get grimy over time. Dirt build-up insulates the coil and lessens air flow, disrupting the coil’s heat-absorbency. Evaporator coils should be checked once a year and cleaned when necessary.

Condenser Coil. Your outdoor condenser coil is very susceptible to dirt, especially in an environment with a lot of dust or vegetation. You can tell if the unit is dirty by looking for grime or dirt build-up on its fins.


Condensate Drains. Condensate drains work to reduce humidity in the home. If they become clogged, they can build up with moisture and cause discoloration in your walls or carpet. To prevent this, call the professionals at TDI for regular maintenance and AC repair in Longview, TX.


Don’t forget that your A/C unit’s filters, coils, fins and condensate drains need regular maintenance to continue working correctly. Without regular and proper maintenance, your unit will perform poorly and use an increasing amount of energy as time goes on. Along with any necessary AC repair in Longview, TX, remember to call TDI for timely maintenance visits.

Unfortunately, sometimes an air conditioner has problems, even with your best efforts. So whenever you need AC repair in Longview, TX, call the experts at TDI Air. Our team of dedicated technicians is ready to help you.

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