Get Innovative with a Trane Thermostat

It seems everything is smart these days…phones…cars…appliances…you name it. You’ve likely been hearing more and more about smart thermostats as well. These devices can be programmed to adjust to your unique heating and cooling needs, with ability to remote control your thermostat via your smart phone, tablet or other device. Here at TDI Air, we install Trane thermostats – the most innovative thermostat out there! We can sell or install your device according to your schedule, plus we're experts on how it works, so we can give you a tutorial on how to use it.
Trane: Innovation at its Finest
With a complete line of both programmable and non-programmable units, Trane thermostats are designed for use with conventional (RTU) and water source heat pumps, featuring intuitive user interfaces with digital display sensor lines. The newest Trane thermostats are now easier to program and read than ever thanks to clear graphics that are simple to understand. They're perfect for homeowners who want not only easy installation but who are also looking for a lower up-front cost. Bonus: they're extremely energy efficient and can save you a bundle on those rising energy bills. In fact, by utilizing a programmable thermostat in winter and setting it back 10° to 15° for eight hours while asleep or away at work, you can save five to 15 percent a year on your heating bill, says
There are a few different types of Trane thermostats available on the market today:
•Touch Screen
Programmable thermostats automatically control the temperature using a predetermined schedule set by the homeowner to keep energy costs down while asleep or away. They help maintain a comfortable room temperature when the home is occupied, providing overall reliable system performance.
Non-programmable thermostats feature a consistent temperature round the clock according to the user's preference. These are traditional thermostats that are easy to use and install, but don't offer as many energy savings as the other types.
Touch-Screen Thermostats are programmable thermostats with a menu featuring large clear backlit displays that react to the touch and are easy to read. The backlit LED display makes for easy reading and operation, even in the dark.
Communicating Thermostats, also known as smart thermostats, are easier to install and can increase energy efficiency, featuring built-in occupancy sensors and an optional economizer output on rooftop units. Smart thermostats are also known as programmable communicating thermostats (PCTs), utilizing integrated technologies that go beyond the basic sensing and control functions of traditional thermostats to include remote reading and control, and fully automated control systems that adjust heating and cooling to user habits, according to The Business Journals. Smart thermostats may also be incorporated into a home automation system that includes smart lighting, entertainment and security systems.
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TDI Air offers a complete line of residential and commercial heating and cooling products manufactured by Trane to give you dependable comfort and efficiency year round. Trane thermostats for residential and commercial applications are among the leaders in the industry on every point. We are a charter member of the Trane Comfort Specialist Program, so you know you're getting a commitment to excellence when it comes to sales, installation, service and preventive maintenance. Call us today at 903-597-8381 to learn how you can save money on energy bills with Trane.