Four Obvious Dangers of Excess Humidity in Your Texas Home

We all know that Texas can get really hot and humid. It can even happen around here in the months you are expecting freezing temperatures. And with humidity comes moisture. Did you know that moist surroundings are a breeding ground for various types of microscopic organisms that could be damaging to your health? There could be spores of mold and mildew that could thrive in these moist areas.

Humidity could be poisonous in these forms. Even without any symptoms, mold and mildew can definitely ruin your health, your home, and your daily routine.

Below are the 4 obvious dangers of excess humidity in your Texas home.

1. Causes and worsens Asthma and other Allergic reactions

If you don’t know by now, dust mites love humidity. These dust mites are considered the biggest enemy for those who have bronchial asthma and other allergic reactions. Needless to say, all types of bacteria also thrive in spaces with high relative humidity.

This is why people who live in homes that are prone to mildew, have poorer health compared to those who have better HVAC systems. A humidifier can definitely help you out in preventing asthma and other allergies to become worse.

2. Takes a toll on the foundations of your home

Aside from your health, excessive degrees in humidity also have dangerous effects on the structure of your house. Do not take this lightly. You need to make sure that your basement is well ventilated. Mold and mildew can seep into these parts of your house. It could compromise the structural integrity.

Humidity also has the same dangerous effect to the woodworks of your house. When your floorboards and furniture begin to creak and bend, you need to get your humidity levels checked. You will also notice that the paint on your walls starts to peel faster than usual.

3. Personal Discomfort

When it’s too warm and humid, our bodies get utterly uncomfortable. It is normal for our body to sweat, but humidity does not have the same effect as a sauna. Sometimes your sweat gets trapped, and if this happens, it’s never good for you.

We actually need some level of humidity to live and be comfortable. Most place this number in between 30-50% for the average person. While too little humidity around you will dry you out, too much will constantly make you feel uncomfortable even when your thermostat is set to a nice mild temperature.

4. Moisture destroys electronics

When you get sick, or when your home gets constant repairs, these take a toll on your budget as well. So always make sure that combat humidity in your home. Aside from the structure and wood work in your house, moisture can also ruin your appliances and other electronics.

Wires and high powered electronics are not meant to operate constantly around high temperatures and excess humidity. Most electronics are designed to be used inside at regular room temperature conditions.

Consult a professional from TDI Air and decide whether you need to get a new system or indoor air quality equipment installed. Too much heat and humidity is not good for you and your family. Always make sure that your health, your home and your daily life do not get damaged by the dangers of excess humidity. Consult with the trained staff at TDI Air today to fix your HVAC or discover which solutions can improve the air quality and comfort in your home.