Four Common Myths About Home Air Conditioning

Now that it’s spring, and summer is just around the corner, your air conditioning system is about to be running daily. Many homeowners, however, still believe in myths that make them believe they’re saving on energy costs and maximizing efficiency.
Often these myths and misconceptions not only fail to deliver lower costs, they also hurt your heating and air conditioning units. Below are some of these myths and the reasons why you should not avoid believing them this summer. 

1. Turning off the air conditioner saves you more money when away

Turning off the AC may make a huge difference if you’re leaving town for an entire week or for several months. But if you’re only getting out of the house for a few hours, then it actually makes more sense to keep your system on. Turning it off will require it to work harder when cooling down your home once you need it later. 

What you can do:

Investing in a programmable thermometer will help keep your home cool without having to waste too much energy.

2. Leaving ceiling fans on will lower temperatures in rooms

Ceiling fans can make the indoor air your system puts out feel a little bit more comfortable. But contrary to what you might believe, they do not cool the air. They merely help circulate the air that the air conditioner provides. They do not in any way lower the temperature. 

What you can do: 

Keep the AC on but test out having it set a couple of degrees higher. Let a couple of well-placed fans circulate the air in the rooms in which you spend the most time in. 

3. Closing vents in unused rooms will get other rooms cooler

This technique does not and will not make the other rooms in your house cooler. You actually only keep the inside of the vents cold as air does not get distributed, it simply bounces back. Moreover, you also make the compressor work harder. When this happens often, your AC will have to deal with unnecessary stress. 

What you can do:

Get a ductless mini-split air conditioner for small areas in your home. They do not use ducts and you enjoy more of that precious cool air during the warm days of spring and summer. 

4. Your Air Conditioning system does not need servicing if it is still running

This is a myth that can lead to serious problems. Your heating and cooling systems will struggle and likely need serious repairs if you neglect regular maintenance for even a few seasons. You and your family rely on these systems for comfort daily. Yet many will attempt to rely on their HVAC systems for years without proper maintenance, and then are shocked when things completely shut down and they need to spend thousands.

What you can do:

Consult your local experts at TDI Air for routine maintenance to avoid costly malfunctions and repairs. Whether you need service on your existing system or you are experienced problems and need help, TDI is here to serve you! We have proudly been helping East Texas residents stay comfortable for over 50 years. Call today at (903) 597-8381 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!