Five Signs Your Boiler Needs to be Serviced

Boilers are used all year round but once fall and winter come around, the need for heating comes. This is often when people find out that their boiler is not working properly and there is some issue with it. Some minor repairs might be completely by you. But to keep your boiler in a good working condition for long, you should get it serviced.

Many of us don’t know when the boiler needs to be serviced unless it has stopped working. This article will help you identify signs that your boiler needs to be serviced. Any gas leaks are repaired and other important parts like the burner and pilot light are checked. These checks are extremely important as they not only keep your boiler in good condition but also ensure that everything is safe.

Serious boiler problems can lead to more than a lack of heat. A serious concern is carbon monoxide poisoning that can be fatal if it goes unnoticed. So if any of these signs are manifesting themselves, have a professional technician out to have a look at your boiler today.

Pilot light keeps going out

If this happens then you need to get the boiler serviced immediately. A pilot light that will not stay lit is a simple sign that something is not functioning properly. The pilot light serves as the ignition source and stays lit at all times when working. But if it will not stay lit then the burners with the boiler can not be turned on.

Strange or loud noises in the boiler system

Before a boiler breaks down, it might exhibit some strange clunking noises. This happens commonly right before the boiler is going to break and it is a warning that your boiler needs to be serviced immediately.

The pipes and radiators often have iron deposits in them which constrict water flow and can affect the heating of the boiler. And regularly before the pump or fan completely breaks down, your boiler will make sounds that will catch you by surprise.

Metallic smell

One of the signs that your boiler needs servicing is that you smell a metallic odor. This happens when there is a gas or oil leak in your boiler. Leaks can lead to horrible poisoning from carbon monoxide as mentioned above.

Carbon monoxide is generally difficult to detect as it is odorless but smell is added to the gas that comes to your house so if you smell a metallic odor coming from your boiler you need to get the help of a professional serviceman immediately and turn the system off until the problem is addressed.

It is not as warm as it should be

When you turn the heat on but are not feeling much of a difference in temperature anymore, your boiler could definitely be the cause of the problem. This can be a symptom of quite a few issues but is a major signal that your heating system needs help.

Your boiler hasn’t been serviced in more than a year

Regular servicing is very important. So if you have not serviced the boiler in more than a year, don’t wait for the serious signs to consider getting it serviced. Your boiler is subject to wear and tear like any other HVAC unit and regular maintenance is necessary to ensure your heating system is efficient through every season.

If your boiler is giving you cause for concern or you want to get your yearly service done before the temperatures get too low, let TDI Air technicians help you today. Contact us at 903-597-8381 or schedule for assistance online today.