Has Customer Service Gone Extinct?

It's right there in the title: customer service. Serving the customer. Many companies follow that literally: offering a phone number or website to assist the customer in finding and buying a product or service. Wonderful. But what about that extra something that should be implied between the lines? Service with a smile? Convenience? Going the extra mile to ensure satisfaction? That's where many companies fail these days. Not us.

5 Decades of Experience

Here at TDI Air, we use our 50 years of experience in this business to offer the best customer service for our clients. Offering top-notch air conditioning and heating systems by the best manufacturers, with installation performed by trained professionals, we care. Our technicians and staff members truly want your experience to be superior, which is why we take the time to address your questions, provide you with the best equipment, and give you access to quality service when you need it. It's not just about the sale. But we can't help but wonder: where has the art of customer service gone?

What's at the Heart of Customer Service?

Customer service is much more than just a phone number on a website, more than a contact form -- even more than coupons and seasonal promotions. The heart of customer service involves people who care. That's it. Someone you can rely on when you pick up the phone. With us, you can talk to a real live person -- not get bounced around a teleprompt system until you throw the phone across the room in frustration. We take the time to ask you how you are, answer your questions and set up appointments that are convenient for YOUR busy schedule. We truly believe happy people come back for more. Unhappy people go elsewhere -- but worse, they tell others about their miserable experience along the way.

Professional Services you can Count On

We strive to make our customers happy with our service each and every time. Customer service is all about making that person feel special, validated and worthy of a few minutes on the phone or in-home meeting to explain what's wrong with their HVAC unit and why. Sure, we offer a complete line of residential and commercial heating and cooling products made by Trane for the utmost in reliable and dependable comfort. Sure, we have great prices and warranties. We have all that, but what we also have is heart.

Reliable Support

Customer service doesn't end with the moment our technician walks out your door. We want you to be happy with our service and the end result for months and years to come. Our mission is to make you feel like family through a connection that brings you back to us every time you have an issue with your HVAC unit.  We show up on time, in uniform, ready to work hard. From tune-ups to maintenance, we have most tools, parts and equipment in stock so you don't have to wait to get back up and running again.

Contact Us

If you want to go back to a day when customer service really meant something, contact us today at 903-597-8381. Remember: it's that time of year again! Time to schedule your AC's summer tune-up, with prices starting at just $89.95. We look forward to speaking with you soon!