Common Furnace Problems and the Solutions

If your furnace is on the fritz, or even if it isn't at the moment, there are particular problems that could arise with your unit over time. From clogged filters that haven't been changed in months to thermostats that don't communicate properly with the unit, your furnace can experience a myriad of problems this winter. Armed with the right information, you can recognize the issue right off, troubleshoot what may be going on, and call in a professional to help remedy the problem.
Here are a few common furnace problems that homeowners experience each year, with solutions on what to do about them.
Clogged and Dirty Filters
Bob Vila says filter-related failures are one of the most common furnace problems because homeowners tend to forget about changing them. Filters are crucial when it comes to cleaning the air that goes into the furnace and the air that comes back out. When a filter is clogged with dust and dirt, heat and pressure build up inside the unit. New, energy-efficient furnaces will recognize what's happening and shut down automatically. Older furnaces will just continue to run, but much less efficiently with less heat output. You'll be spending more on energy bills for less heat. The solution is to change out the filters regularly according to the manufacturer's directions. Some have to be changed every month or two, while others can go three to four months. Change more frequently if you have pets, smoke, or live near a congested area or construction site, as all those dirt particles and emissions make their way into your home whether you realize it or not.
Electric Ignition and Pilot Control
These are also common areas that could give you problems. Older gas units feature pilot lights, while newer units may have electronic ignitions. Either way, a faulty ignition or pilot light can throw a wrench into your home heating plans this winter. If your pilot light won't stay lit, you may have a loose or broken thermocouple, the flame could be too low or the pilot chamber may be clogged with dirt. For electronic-ignition furnaces, the ignition control module may need to be reset or you may have to clean out the flame sensor.
No Heat
If your unit simply isn't giving off heat, this could be due to a thermostat malfunction, a blown fuse or circuit breaker that has been tripped. For combustion furnaces, the cause could simply be the pilot light going out. Whatever the source, this common problem is not one you want to face in the middle of winter. if you have a combo heating and cooling system, make sure the setting is on Heat. This is a no-brainer but many people simply forget to check the most obvious things. Next, check for a blown fuse and make sure the furnace power is switched on. The motor can sometimes overload and needs to be reset.
On and Off Cycling
With frequent on and off cycling, your unit is working overtime and costing you money for little heat. The unit could be overheating due to a clogged filter that needs to be changed, or the thermostat may have to be re-calibrated.
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