Clever Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Clever Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Do you want to keep your home cool this summer without relying too much on your AC unit? Would you like to learn some clever ways to keep your home cool this summer?

Switching on your AC and letting it do its job isn’t the only way to cool down your house. There are many other easy steps you can do every day that will help keep your home cool for less. This doesn’t mean that you can stop using Your AC completely. You will still need to use it, but less often.

We have shared 5 clever ways to keep your home cool this summer below...

  1. Close and open windows:

During spring and summer when it cools down during dusk and night you can open the windows to let the cooler air in. It will also aid in circulation and get the stagnant air out.

Don’t forget to shut the windows early in the morning when warmer air begins to blow in.

  1. Use your curtains:

It isn’t enough if you keep the hot air out, you need to keep out sunlight too as it can heat up your home. So as soon as you close the windows draw the curtains. Make sure you use some good quality curtains that can keep sunlight out.

  1. Change your bedding:

Bedding made of materials like satin might give you that elegant look, but they aren’t ideal for the summer. They can do their job by keeping you warm during the winter, but when spring comes it is time to replace them with more breathable material like cotton.

  1. Get a dehumidifier:

Humid air could be a reason why your AC bill is escalating during the summer as humid air can hold more heat. So use a dehumidifier to reduce air humidity. Maintaining humidity levels between 30% and 45% would be perfect. A hygrometer can help you measure humidity.

  1. Replace incandescent lights:

Incandescent lights not only use up more energy, but they also release a lot of heat. Replace them with LED and CFL lights s they emit lower amounts of heat.

These are 5 clever ways to keep your home cool this summer. What tricks do you use to keep your home cool? Please leave your comments below.