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May 1st, 2017
It’s almost summer and the temperatures are crazy hot. This is when you need your air conditioning system the most to make sure you’re comfortable in these warm months. Too much heat can be hazardous for you and your family’s health. But one of the problems that most of us face is that when you do...
April 15th, 2017
Now that it’s spring, and summer is just around the corner, your air conditioning system is about to be running daily. Many homeowners, however, still believe in myths that make them believe they’re saving on energy costs and maximizing efficiency.   Often these myths and misconceptions not only...
March 1st, 2017
Homeowners or owners of commercial buildings who are in the market for an air conditioning unit may be looking at the price for the most part, but it is also important to take into consideration the size of the AC unit. By “size” we mean both the size of the unit and the amount of cooling capacity...