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The Importance of Customer Service

As a customer, you don't likely expect your HVAC company to promise you the world. You just want solid service at reasonable prices with friendly, skilled professionals. That happens to be our philosophy here at TDI Air, but we wanted to delve deeper into what makes customer service so important and what needs to be done to keep it going. Let's talk about the importance of customer service not just in the HVAC industry but all industries.

Answers to Your FAQs about Heat Pumps

Heat pumps pull double duty, as they act as air conditioners in the summer and heating units in spring and fall. It only makes sense to incorporate a heat pump in your home or business, but you likely have a lot of questions. Check out this handy guide to your FAQs about heat pumps.
Heat Pump FAQs
Can a heat pump provide the heat we need in winter?

Get Innovative with a Trane Thermostat

It seems everything is smart these days…phones…cars…appliances…you name it. You’ve likely been hearing more and more about smart thermostats as well. These devices can be programmed to adjust to your unique heating and cooling needs, with ability to remote control your thermostat via your smart phone, tablet or other device. Here at TDI Air, we install Trane thermostats – the most innovative thermostat out there! We can sell or install your device according to your schedule, plus we're experts on how it works, so we can give you a tutorial on how to use it.

How to Determine the Type of AC Unit Best for Your Home

When it comes to cooling your home, it's important to choose the right size unit for optimal efficiency. Most people are concerned about heating their homes as winter approaches, but it's also a great time to get a jump on thinking about the type of AC unit you want come spring. By doing your research now, you're already ahead of the game. Let a professional HVAC company assist you in determining the right size of AC system that will efficiently and effectively keep you and your family comfortable in the summer. Proper AC installation is a must.
Why Size Matters

Closing up your AC for the Winter

Time to switch over to heat now that November is here. Don't just switch off your AC, though, and assume it will make it through the winter. There are some maintenance tasks you should perform to ensure it will be in optimal working condition come late spring. Failure to perform basic maintenance at the end of the season means you could face larger issues when you go to turn it back on next year. Here are some preventative maintenance tasks you should perform before winter sets in.

Choosing a Reputable HVAC Technician for Furnace Maintenance

When on the hunt for a reputable technician, it all starts with researchReliable, professional furnace contractors aren't always easy to come by. In fact, maybe you've been burned by someone already. Find someone you can trust, with the right credentials and experience, so you can rest easy knowing you made a wise choice. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a dependable HVAC technician that's local and convenient.

Preparing for Winter: Giving your Furnace a Check-up

Is your furnace all set and ready to be turned on? Focusing on maintenance and tune-ups now will save you the frustration next month when you go to turn the unit on and it won't work. Here are some of the areas your HVAC professional will address when they visit your home for your annual furnace check-up.

How to Make a New Air Conditioner More Efficient

Making the air conditioner efficient should be every homeowner’s goal. This will ensure that the air conditioner keeps you comfortable while saving you money. It will also prevent the air conditioner from malfunctioning.

Today you will find out how to make a new air conditioner more efficient by reading the below tips…

The Importance of MERV and SEER Ratings While Buying an AC

You will come across many features while purchasing an air conditioner as there are several options these days. Among these features you will find two types of ratings, MERV and SEER. These are 2 things you shouldn’t ignore or give little thought to while purchasing an air conditioner, as they are extremely important. In this article we have discussed what they are in detail and offered you tips on how to make the most of them while purchasing the perfect AC…

MERV Rating


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