4 Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System This Fall

The leaves are starting to fall and the wind’s growing cooler… Fall’s here, baby! Summer’s over, so you won’t have to turn that AC on at full blast as often. But still, after months of constant use, it might be time to perform some maintenance on your HVAC system to keep its efficiency up. On the plus side, with summer over, you won’t have to do the upkeep in the sweltering heat! So, here are some simple ways to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system at minimal cost:


Diligently Vacuum Vents

The volume of air that’ll pass through the vents will decrease if there are any blockages. So clear out any dust, debris and other unmentionable things that have accumulated in your HVAC system’s supply vents. This will improve its airflow, not to mention prevent any dust-related allergies and other health issues from cropping up!


Stay Cool With Clear Condensers

The condenser is where the refrigerant vapors of your HVAC system are cooled, and in that thermal exchange process, waste heat is released into the environment. If your condenser is obstructed by debris, covered in dust, blocked by miscellaneous objects, or located somewhere where there’s poor circulation, then the heat exchange process will not go as efficiently as it could and your condenser’s performance may be adversely affected. So keep your condenser clear!


Keep Curtains Closed

So you come home after a hard day’s work and to your dismay you find your place of refuge uncomfortably warm, what do you do? Of course, you’ll crank up the AC before kicking back on the couch and turning on the TV. But this can be avoided, or at least mitigated, if you closed the curtains and blinds in the morning, before you head out. Blinds block sunlight from going through your windows and heating up your home, preventing the problem from occurring in the first place!


Mind Your Appliances

Your HVAC may be working harder than it has to. For example, if your thermostat is near a lamp with an incandescent bulb, then it will incorrectly detect higher temperatures and have your HVAC system work harder. Consider getting LED bulbs that emit less infrared heat than standard bulbs. And if it’s a particularly hot time of the day, then consider using your oven or dryer later, when it’s no longer sweltering. The intelligent positioning and use of appliances can spare your HVAC system from unnecessary strains.

These are just a few ways you can improve your HVAC system’s performance at minimal cost and without the assistance of a professional technician. Of course, if your HVAC system has real problems, then you’ll have to call in a pro. But if you maintain the system well and prevent easily avoidable problems from occurring in the first place, you can extend its lifespan or at least prevent issues from cropping up prematurely. That’ll help you save up on repair costs AND the electric bill! For more helpful hints, contact TDI Air at (903) 597-8381.